Cured polyurethane remover

During the processing of 2K-PU adhesives and sealants, as well as PU foams, contamination of plant components with isocyanate or PU residues occurs repeatedly. If these are not removed immediately, they harden and can only be removed with great difficulty and effort. The dynamic mixers used for mixing the components must be regularly disassembled and cleaned for cleaning in order to ensure good mixing and thus consistently high quality of the adhesive, sealant or foam

With the PU cleaners EN705LO and EN706GEL, there are two environmentally friendly alternatives to the solvents previously used and classified as flammable and heath hazardous substances, such as NMP, NEP, acetone, MEK etc. available. According to CLP/GHS, both cleaners are non-flammable and only labelled with regard to their corrosive effect (H318 or H319) and their possible sensitizing potential (EUH208), but are not classified as dangerous goods according to transportation regulations.

The formulations of special biodegradable ingredients based on renewable raw materials show their extraordinary cleaning effect even at room temperature. The hours of heating that are often necessary when using NMP or NEP are no longer necessary. The adhering isocyanate and PU residues swell up, the polymer structure is degraded and the adhesion to the machine components is reduced in such a way that the residues can be wiped off or easily removed with a brush or spatula, usually after only a few hours.

The low viscosity Envii-PU-Cleaner EN705LO is specially designed for the cleaning of smaller machine parts by immersion, while the gel-like Envii-PU-Cleaner EN706-Gel has been developed for the removal of partial deposits on larger machine parts that cannot be further dismantled.

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