My Service Portfolio

Planning the manufacture of bonds

Today, hardly anyone doubts the reliability of the bonding technology if it is applied correctly. However, users often lack the necessary expertise and experience to successfully implement adhesive technology projects. As a result, the requirements placed on the bond are often not completely met.

This is avoided by my technical advice. Also with problems in an existing production I support by a purposeful cause determination and introduce remedial measures.


The search for the causes for the occurrence of defective bonds, particularly when only a small proportion of the manufactured parts is affected, is a difficult task not dissimilar to the work of a detective. Thus the entire process must be examined in order to find indications of possible causes.

The involvement of an outside expert is often helpful here, as it counteracts a frequently existing blindness to the company.

Development of adhesives

I support suppliers of adhesives, among others in application technology or product development, in case of personnel bottlenecks or in questions of strategic market expansion.

Manufacturers of adhesive raw materials benefit, among other things, from information on the current and future requirements placed on their customers’ products. Furthermore, my market knowledge is used to obtain information about the respective markets and their requirements.  I also support the benchmarking of your products in practical formulations.

Of course, a targeted adhesive development can be carried out project-specifically for an adhesive user. The adhesives can then be manufactured as part of a contract manufacturing process.

Preparation of expert opinions

If a bonded product does not meet expectations due to bond failure, the question arises as to the cause and ultimately the responsible party within the supply chain. Is the adhesive manufacturer, the supplier of the parts to be bonded, the company carrying out the bonding or is the user liable due to improper use?

The objective expert opinion of an expert accepted by all parties has often made an out-of-court settlement possible and thus saved high court costs.

Employee qualification

In addition to the established adhesive training courses of DVS PersZert®, where I work as an examiner, I conduct further training seminars in adhesive technology.

The seminars can cover the basics of adhesive technology, but can also be specially tailored to a specific bonding process and the adhesive used for it. Of course, the course content is oriented to the educational level of the participants and can be supplemented by a practical part.

Implementation of DIN 2304-1

From an objective point of view, at least 90 % of the bonding defects that occur are due to lack of knowledge of bonding technology. The main reasons for bonding defects are therefore application errors and this is where DIN 2304-1 starts with the concretization of ISO 9001 for bonding processes.

Due to my participation in the development of this and other standards regarding quality assurance measures of bonding processes, you will receive, so to speak first hand support from me for the extension of your existing QA system to bonding processes.

Cured polyurethane remover

Being independent of adhesive suppliers is a prerequisite for an objective adhesive recommendation tailored to the respective application. Therefore, you will not be able to source any adhesives from me.

However, with the PU cleaners of the company Bio8 Ltd. I offer excellent, low-hazard auxiliary agents for the removal of cured-on polyurethanes or isocyanates, e.g. as part of the regular maintenance of your dosing and mixing systems.