I am a chemist by education and have been working with adhesives and their industrial application for more than 30 years. It was a logical step for me to start with the development of adhesives at a well-known adhesive manufacturer, in order to then increasingly take care of the application technology of the adhesives I developed and to further develop the necessary interdisciplinary way of thinking. After the change to an American adhesive manufacturer, my main task was to provide technical support for its products during their market launch in Europe and to act as a link to the development chemists in the USA. For a transitional period, I assumed additional sales responsibility and was also involved in due diligence activities focusing on the technical evaluation of acquisition candidates.

Since 2009 I have been self-employed and, under the motto “How do you glue“, support various companies related to adhesive bonding along the entire value chain in various, mostly technically oriented projects. My consulting services are primarily aimed at companies that are either already using adhesive bonding in their production or are planning to do so, but are not sure whether they have the necessary expertise and experience to plan bonds in such a way that quality problems do not occur later in production. The aim is to find the best solution for the customer’s specific task. For this purpose, I can fall back on my own bonding laboratory and work closely with the respective suppliers of adhesives, the corresponding plant technology or other external partners, if necessary, but I consciously remain independent. Last but not least, I also offer general adhesive training or training tailored to the respective application. Work force qualification is an important step on the way to high-quality (series-)production.

Manufacturers of adhesives or adhesive raw materials also use my expertise. Thus I have specifically developed adhesives for certain applications for adhesive manufacturers, assessed their adhesives with regard to their suitability for new applications and supported marketing departments with the preparation of market overviews. Manufacturers of raw materials for the use in the formulation of adhesives often are interested in information about the bonding processes in which their raw materials are already used or could potentially be suitable for. This can be done in the form of market reports or also as benchmarking, if required also based on technical application tests of the respective raw materials in guideline formulations.

About myself

Expert knowledge paired with practical experience

The combination of well-founded, “up to date” specialist knowledge, continuous further training and more than 30 years of practical experience is the guarantee for successful consulting.

Continuous Further Qualification

The participation in research projects through participation in the so-called project-accompanying committees not only ensures the application-oriented implementation of the projects, but also helps me to stay at the cutting edge of technology. The latter is supported by the participation in adhesive technology seminars.

In-house laboratory

The competent consultation of my customers is supported by my in-house laboratory with the possibility of testing adhesives and adhesive bonds as well as the development of adhesives.

Objective and independent consulting

By consciously not trading in adhesives and accepting commissions, you can be sure to receive 100% objective and independent advice from me.

Short-term availability

Despite good utilization I assure you a fast “first aid”; everything else can be clarified in the following.

Full cost control

A structured approach, in which the results are presented at the end of each section and further steps are decided, avoids budget overruns.

Wide-ranging network

The manifold and good contacts, both to manufacturers of adhesives and raw materials, as well as to suppliers of application equipment technology and last but not least to research institutes, have proven to be very valuable for the project activity.

Committee work

Cooperation in various committees, e.g. in the Technical Committee and the Technical Commission for Structural Bonding and Sealing as part of the German Adhesives Association – Industrieverband Klebstoffe e.V., as well as in DIN standards committees, does not only serve to maintain and expand the professional network, but also to stay up to date.