Development of adhesives

Thanks to my own laboratory, my support in adhesive development, whether for a specific application in an adhesive production process or in the preparation of guideline formulations with the aim of demonstrating the properties of adhesive raw materials to adhesive manufacturers, is not limited to pure consultation. The laboratory is equipped to produce both low and high viscosity mixtures of liquid and powder raw materials. If required, vacuum production can be carried out to avoid air entrapment. Furthermore, the adhesive samples produced in this way can be characterized according to standardized methods.

As is the case with the planning of a bond and the associated selection of the “right” adhesive, the development of an adhesive always begins with the compilation of the most specific possible requirements profile. A distinction should be made between the criteria that must be fulfilled and those that would only be “nice to have”. This avoids the effort being pushed too high, which in the worst case could lead to a situation where no practicable solution can be found – the “egg-laying wool milk sow” does not exist among adhesives either.

In addition to the requirements resulting from the intended use of the adhesive, there are other aspects that must be considered:

  • The manufacturing processes available to the adhesive manufacturer.
  • The availability of potentially suitable raw materials.
  • Legal regulations regarding the handling of raw materials during production of the adhesive as well as later with the finished product at the user.

Last but not least, the commercial constraints must of course also be taken into account. Thus the achievable price must be in a reasonable relation to the raw material and manufacturing costs and the expected sales volume must justify the development.

Due to the experience gained during my work as a development chemist at adhesive manufacturers, I have good knowledge in the development of adhesives. My many contacts with the manufacturers of adhesive raw materials have proved to be extremely helpful in the search for potentially suitable raw materials, the discussion of the results obtained with these raw materials and the resulting further optimization of the formulation.